Friday, July 02, 2004

To buy: The Art of Identity

Mark Rowden and identity
"Style without a deeper-rooted objective is zero substance. There are an awful lot of applauded identities that, like paper ships slipping out of port, once on open seas blow or sink who knows where. This method of rudderless navigation means wasting costly resources, and begs the question: just how big is your budget?
The Art of Identity, now published in four languages, sets a new agenda for design management. His forthcoming new edition, being published summer 2004, includes radical new methods for appraising and improving marketing strategy, focus and direction. It clearly demonstrates the correct integration of identity into the management mix, and in a manner that all CEOs will recognise as benefiting the bottom line."
July 2005, 220 pages, Hardback, ISBN: 0 566 08618 2