Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Clogs on Fire

It has been (over) a month of frenetic activity in the office. One of our clients — a technology start-up — is launching at the end of September. So there is a whole brace of material to be designed, produced and completed by then (another two-metre tall freestanding totem sign anyone?).

We are also launching a new sub-brand for an existing client which comes with its own suite of collateral. Throw in a small set of literature which I also have on the go and another client looking to evolve its 1.5 year old brand mark and you are talking eleven-hour shifts with half-hour lunch breaks. With all of our designers totally booked-out as well, these projects are predominantly solo runs.

So, once again, my best blogging intentions are put on the by-the-by.

Maybe I should just simply retitle this site as ‘50 Reasons Why I Never Post To This Blog’. I have also volunteered to take on the redesign of our corporate Filemaker database to work more efficiently with our new emailing system. So I have a nice fat manual to read through and another block of time to carve out of my diary. And we need to get our GDBA IDEA award entries submitted too. Roll on one week’s holidays in Portugal!