Friday, March 18, 2005

Bloglines (or Getting It Together – Part Two)

Following on from migrating all of my stray emails online for device-independent access, I have been getting some good use out of the Bloglines online blog aggregator. Some context here: the BFK studio is still running on System 9.N, which means that I cannot install any aggregator applications directly onto my work G4 (as they only come in OS-X flavours). So I was caching different and inconsistent lists of blogs onto the various machines I use at work and at home.

Therefore migrating all of those into one online dashboard seemed to make some sense. The Bloglines service is easy to set up and easy to use. Maybe too easy: while undoubtably I can scan the blogosphere more efficiently, the quantity of blogs I am tracking has increased so that the amount of time spent is roughly the same (or perhaps maybe even increased).

Next then is to set up some Technorati watch-lists and plug their RSS feeds into Bloglines. After that I am thinking of moving all of my dispersed favourites lists online to Then I will be completely platform-independent. Which I imagine will be useful when I eventually have a 5G-Blackberry-iPhone-watchamacallit!