Thursday, May 19, 2005

Flickr Presence

Once I started to gather together all of the digital photos which I had stashed away throughout my work Mac’s hard drives, I was taken aback by how many of them there actually were. Especially given that this is only a subset of whatever total amount is on the big drive at home. So uploading from this lot onto Flickr, I hit the monthly allocated memory ceiling pretty quickly. But I guess this is how they entice you into forking out some of your hard-earned to become a Pro-Account user. The ease of use and the Flickr featureset makes this quite an attractive offer, but I will have to take a pass on it at this stage. For two reasons: whatever impending Tribble-related financial shennigans I will be experiencing in July, and the fact that my piecacrap Explorer 5 and System 9.2 combo here at work means I cannot access most of the really useful Flickr tools from the studio anyhow.  Twenty megs a month will have to do me for now.

On a related note, one interesting quirk to the Vodafone billing system I have discovered in my Flickr-related tinkering is that while they charge me thirty to forty cents when I send a cameraphone image as a Picture Message, if I email the same image to Flickr from my moble it is free-gratis (indicated as ‘Photo Album’ on my bill). This is even though a text-based email comes out of my monthly kilobytes of GPRS allocation. I need to look into this further.