Friday, July 22, 2005

Elemental Particles of the Web

Time was when the fundamental unit of the online experience was the web-site, then it was the web-page, and the ‘post‘ is now angling to become our dominant paradigm. Well it looks like things may be being granulated to an even finer scale again. I have been reading up on microformats, which is one of those ‘so-simple-its-obvious’ kind of ideas. (Onwards towards the semantic web and all of that.) I know that my Web-Fu is not up to the task of hacking together any complex microformat implementations into this blog. But I imagine that I may not have to wait too long for these to become an integrated feature of the major blogging engines. I could see myself using hCards and hCalendar from today.

I might see about embedding an hCard into my contact page on my work site. I will put one up here too. But, in the true spirit of cart-before-horse I have gone ahead and designed the icon first.

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