Tuesday, September 06, 2005

On the (Seemingly Infinite) Divisibility of Time

It is challenging to distill one particular observation from the experience of sharing your life with a newborn baby – as the cumulative effect is so overwhelming. That said, one very noticable survival mechanism that does kick in is an ability to maximise the utility of every single one of the smaller (hitherto throwaway) segments of your day. “I have three minutes Right Now, so I can iron that tee-shirt.” and “I have two minutes Right Now, so I can empty the bins.” and so on.

Combining lots of these chronological lego blocks gets the larger tasks done. Consequently you can forget about such left-brain niceties as starting a task and then finishing it. You live in more of a right-brain state of flow, with all of your tasks ongoing at the same time in a perpetual state of near-but-not-quite-completition. Then, when you do get an idle moment, you can ask yourself “whatever did I do with all of that free time I used to have?” Write blog posts is probably my answer.