Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lecturing on Corporate Identity 2005

I had a blast spending a very enjoyable half-day lecturing on Corporate Identity to the third year students in IADT on the twenty-seventh of October. This was a first for me*. I was a tad sleep-deprived and strung-out on the day due to Val being in hospital and all of the issues related to that. (She is doing fine.) My lack of sleep probably caused me to be a bit more wired than usual. Hopefully the students were able to keep up whenever I started talking extra-extra-fast.

I presented comprehensive case studies on four corporate identity projects; a mix of large scale and small scale, state and private sector. My intention being that sharing what an actual identity project entails will benefit some of the class. While I do not think any of the students will be off writing me up on, or whatever. It was definitely disconcerting when I started into my talk and twenty-five note-pads were opened and twenty-five biros came out.

The process of assembling my presentation was an interesting journey for me. As I rarely, if ever, get to delve back and review the early creative stages of a project after the fact. The other surprising thing is how much of the background thinking and discussions around this old work I still carry around in the filing cabinets in my head. Which must be a function of the investment of so much effort in thinking them through rigorously in the first place.

Showing my inexperience as a lecturer, I pretty much totally overdid it with regards to the quantity of work I brought along to discuss. Realistically I had enough with me to talk for another two hours. I went over by about an hour anyway, and I had to drop one whole section near the end. To think I was originally going to show another fifth case study...

*I actually ended up writing a quick brief for (an admittedly small) part of a project and sending it as a text message to the studio that morning over my coffee. Which was another first for me, so that was two firsts in one day. (At least it was a three-part text message, before I get grief for being a Tech-Wannabe Creative Director.)

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