Saturday, November 05, 2005


This one is a bit of a curio for the designers in the audience. Typeradio: a comprehensive audio archive of interviews with typeface designers and typographers. The audio quality is not too great on some of the interviews, and most of them could do with some ruthless editing. But for those of us who are typo-philes (and/or iPod alpha-geekoid early adopters), there is a range of content here that makes this an intriguing resource.

I have only listened to the Eric Spiekermann and Lucas De Groot interviews so far, so I cannot vouch for the majority of the interviews. There is a relaxed, informal air to the conversations. And, while you are unlikely to gain any startling insights into the type-design process, you do definitely get a flavour of the designer’s individual personalities. My one recommendation is that you can safely skip the Thirty-Questions introductions that preface each interview.

(And who would have thought that Eric Spiekermann swore so much...)

Link: TypeRadio