Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Busy Benny Blogs, Builds Better Site

Does this man ever sleep at all? In a multi-pronged internet land-grab, my brother Ian is launching a shiny new blog featuring drawings of work-in-progress with notes and commentary. (Check out the sketches that he ‘knocked out while watching the TV’. Presumably he included those to keep the rest of us doodlers in our rightful place.)
He has simultaneously launched a fully-revised edition of his personal site: KKF v2.0. (“Here is a short film that I made.” and “I hope to have this book published soon”, etc.) Although, I do think his site has lost a certain something now that it does not include Elvis shooting into a pile of televisions.
If you still have any browsing time left after crawling that site, then there is always his pseudonymous side-project: ‘Metal Ruins Lives’. And no, before you ask, those are not found album covers. Surprise, surprise, they have all been custom-created for the site. Rock on Benny.
Any rumours that Benny is changing his name to ‘MediaEngineOne Kenny’ are only mildly exaggerated.