Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Lying Cow Virus Is The New Small

Seth Godin spreads the ideas that help you to spread your ideas.

We all have some message we need to communicate. We all need certain people to know about and understand what we are doing. I want you to read this post, I want the designers I work with to understand the goals of my next monthly studio meeting, I want my closest friends to attend my son’s birthday party. Circulating these messages and (more importantly) percolating their ideas is marketing in its very broadest and most general sense.

The techniques and tools for spreading your ideas change and evolve all of the time. To try and stay ahead of the curve I read Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow and Unleashing The Ideavirus. In writing this post I realise that I have now been reading Godin for nearly ten years. I recall tearing-out and keeping an interview with him about his then company Yoyodyne from a 1997 issue of Fast Company.

My brother Declan has recently started reading Godin’s blog, and he finds it beneficial to his (totally non-marketing related) role. To give him an edited overview and an on-ramp into the blog, I made him this list of eleven posts that I found interesting enough to cache into my Bloglines account. This is not in any sense intended as a greatest hits, more of my subjective assortment. You can also visit Godin’s lenspage for his own personal Greatest Posts list. Here is my list.

– Small Is the New Big
– Two Kinds of Writing
– Fresh Fish Here
– The Reason
– The Cutting Edge?
– Two Obvious Secrets
– Promotion, Self-promotion

– Understanding Local Max
– Tools vs. Craftsmen
– The New Rules of Naming
– Abundance and the TBR

You can find that video of Seth speaking at Google online at Google Video.

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