Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On Reading ‘The Daily Me’

In his mid-ninteies book ‘Being Digital’, Nicolas Negroponte wrote about the potential development of ‘The Daily Me’; everyone’s personal newspaper tailored to what they want to read. I was thinking about that yesterday as I blitzed through the first few posts in my Bloglines reader. This is such a completely incongruous mix of content that it has to be unique to me.

Daragh posted some photos from this weekend’s Electric Picnic festival. Mr. Hammersley posted the design for the cover of his new book – and very nice it is too. Warren Ellis added some more notes to his ongoing thoughts on Data Shadows; something I had been pondering on over the weekend since investigating geo-tagging last week. Finally, Tom Coates blew my mind with his extrapolation of a whole barrage of novel concepts following his attendance at this year’s Foo Camp.

And all of this before I had even finished my morning tea and toast! Accelerated times my friends, accelerated times.