Monday, February 05, 2007

Never Judge A Book...

Occasionally I come across a site that I am somewhat reluctant to recommend, where I have found myself using up an unconscionable block of time browsing its contents. But if you are lacking a little inspiration (and are not too bothered about being envious of some tasty design briefs) then you could check out the book cover archive site.

At the initial level of engagement you can just click through the pages enjoying the juxtaposition of cover designs from different genres and categories. Clicking on each cover brings you further: to a larger image for closer inspection and comments by designers and non-designers alike, often with additional comments by the original book designer in question.

If you fall within that subset of bibliophiles who appreciate the design of a book as much as its contents, then you should find much to enjoy here. Even better, there is an RSS feed too. So if you do not want to sacrifice a couple of hours a-browsing right now, you can just get one new cover at a time whenever one goes live.