Thursday, October 09, 2008

Completed MA Received Prior Learning Report

I finished writing my Received Prior Learning (RPL) report this evening, and it is probably way over the requested one and a half pages. This was a worthwhile exercise, even just to think through how much ad-hoc learning I have done over the years. I am still not fully happy with the goals and objectives section, but I cannot afford to give this report any more of my time. There are a lot of deliverables on this Masters programme, so it is going to be important that I allocate my time strictly and then complete tasks promptly once their allocation is up.

I have also decided to write my Learning Log in a blog format. For a number of reasons. Firstly, it is a format that I am comfortable working with, already having a few blogs under my virtual belt. Secondly, as I am writing the log entries on my iPod Touch, it gives them a permanent digital home if I ever lose that piece of hardware. Thirdly, as this information can be dated and tagged, it is searchable, and therefore far more useful when it comes to the reviewing and reflective learning aspect of getting value out of this blog log.