Monday, November 17, 2008

I’m New, Reuse Me

Marketing Analysis (3 of 6): 

Celebrations Recyclable Gift Pack

With Christmas fast approaching, the next six weeks is the market window for the various purveyors of boxes of biscuits and gift-packs of sweets. This is when they sell the majority of their inventory for the entire year. How does one gain competitive advantage within this particular market? Doing so through innovation in packaging did not seem the most likely approach to me. That was until Valerie brought home a few boxes of Celebrations chocolates at the weekend. It turns that what enticed her to buy them was this clever flash on the lid.

This is a compelling marketing mixture: retaining the indulgent and gift-giving aspects of their brand offering and combining that with an innovative new aspect. One that speaks to the green-aware, thrifty, recession-wise consumer. They have thought-through the whole life-cycle of their product packaging and made it more useful. There is some level of technology transfer at work in the background here, not anything too high-tech, rather an approach which is simple and effective. I imagine that these new packs are lighter and cheaper to transport, and also more durable than what existed before. By investing in the nature of the plastic that they use in their packs, and enhancing the underlying manufacturing technology, they have enhanced their overall brand proposition and story.

They could support this with advertising, or more usefully, in-store displays, but the real clincher here is the flash on the pack, that is what seals the deal. Finally, there is a viral component to their brand story. If I give you a present of this pack of confectionery, I can point out the utility of the packaging. Equally, if I get one as a gift, the story behind the pack makes a talking point as well. There is a compelling narrative here. Successful branding is worth talking about.