Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sh*t Brand Consultants Say — The Video

This is a bit of fun: a live action reinvention of my blog post recording and celebrating some of the jargon and terminology of the branding industry.

Remember: we joke because we care.

When I mentioned the idea of a video version of this as a short parting aside in my original post, I seriously never expected anyone to volunteer to pick up that ball and run with it.

Niall and Daragh stepped up and generously contributed their most Draperian presentation techniques and all of the prerequisite faux sincerity that this project required.

Niall did all the subsequent heavy lifting in the editing suite, and provided services above and beyond the call of duty, etc.

In my own case, I think I will stick to the script writing in future.

Now all of the rest of you can get working on some companion pieces. I think a few videos such as ‘Sh*t Hipster Graphic Designers Say’ and ‘Sh*t Web Designers Say’ and even ‘Sh*t Design Lecturers Say’ would be good for starters...