Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Digital Innovation Drives Breakthrough Customer Journeys

David Edelman of McKinsey Digital spoke at LinkedIn’s FinanceConnect event in May 2015. His discussed using digital innovation to support breakthrough Customer Journeys, and how joined-up digital design thinking drives those initiatives.

His four linked imperatives, driving the ‘in-the-moment’ Customer Journeys that organisations shall have to deliver, are enlightening:

  1. Real-time automation.
  2. Interfaces allowing ‘in-the-moment’ interactions.
  3. Proactive intelligence allowing just-in-time personalisation and optimisation.
  4. Engagement that drives further innovation.

The idea of the Customer Journey as the pre-eminent expression of organisation’s brands has gained increasing currency. (Obviously Service Designers have been making that argument for years. It is interesting to hear leading marketers take up the case.) Digital innovations are obviously driving much of the innovation and the affordances for new services within those customer journeys. Any squeamishness about the benefits-to-creepiness ratio of such novel services are surely an actuarial issue.

Edelman warns large organisations that they need to uncover their own internal battlegrounds (what I would refer to as Strategy Taxes) which cause all of the compromises along their customer’s journeys. Legacy organisations need to resolve those internal battlegrounds, because those are precisely the key opportunity spaces for digital-first competitors to route around them and disrupt their way to success.

Another implication of his thesis is that marketers have a responsibility to really understand their company’s IT architecture. Creating truly novel service delivery invariably means innovating within the technological backend. Marketers need to understand what falls within the realm of the possible.

Finally, Edelman calls on large companies to shift their thinking and consider how they can possibly reorganise their internal structures around customer journeys.