Tuesday, June 22, 2004

To buy: What Is Branding?

What Is Branding?
By Piers Schmidt, Rotovision Handbooks
ISBN: 2880466172, September 2004

Corporations have responded forcefully to the realization that branding is their only reliable form of market differentiation, but what happens when consumers become as brand-savvy now as they became market-savvy a decade ago? Advertising messages lost their power then, and now, believes Piers Schmidt, branding is facing a similar danger; corporations do not realize the difference between a brand and a business. He argues that this is an industry that needs to agree what is is doing and where it is going. 'Most branding fails,' he says, 'because it is only cosmetic. It is far more than just a matter of a new logo and livery. It is consumers themselves that ultimately make the brand.'