Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Going The Extra Mile

Here is a good customer experience story. Last week I bought a stale bag of O’Briens-branded Pan Fried Crisps at one of their coffee shops. The crisps were all stodgy and stuck together. Given that these were higher-priced luxury crisps, I decided to exercise my consumer rights and posted the pack back to the manufacturer. I had a similar experience with Tayto a few years ago and was sent a pretty formulaic letter and, incongruously, a voucher for Dunnes Stores.

I was expecting a somewhat similar treatment in this instance. Instead I got a very pleasant apologetic phone call from the representative of Perri’s Crisps who produce the crisps for O’Briens. She also arranged to deliver some sample packs to me. It turned out Val had to be at the airport on the morning in question, leaving our house unoccupied. Breaking from a six-hour workshop, I found two voice-mail messages from the Perri’s representative: she was personally delivering the crisps and had called to our house twice! There were a few more messages waiting on my landline when I got home that evening. She eventually called over again on Saturday and brought a whole retail box of crisps – that contains sixty packs! Talk about over-delivery!

It is good to experience such a real example of an organisation going the extra mile to address an issue, hence this blog post. The lesson I take away from this is: fix your mistakes fast.
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