Tuesday, March 21, 2006


It seems that Charlie Stross is now planning to write his next novel on his mobile phone. Which may not turn out to be such a masochistic endeavour as I first thought when I heard about this yesterday. If he undertakes it using some flavour of Bluetooth keyboard rather than a smartphone/stylus combo – which really would be a brave/foolhardy attempt.

I encountered the limitations inherent in using that class of technology when I wrote a Lemony Snicket parody novella for Valerie’s birthday in Graffiti-Script on my Palm PDA a few years ago. (Which project wore a serious indentation onto the writing area on the screen too.)

Although, I should point out that at least ninety percent of the posts on Thoughport are stylus-scribed on my PDA; written on the morning train and then posted online over coffee. Which has the benefit (to my readers) of keeping most of the posts concise, as it is only a half-hour commute.

Go Charlie Go!

Addendum: I just registered the other statement in Charlie’s post that Neal Stephenson wrote all of The Baroque Cycle long-hand with a fountain pen! The combined page count of those three volumes runs close to 2,500 printed pages. Now that is determination.

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