Monday, September 25, 2006

This side must face inwards on the driver-side rear window

The in-cab information system that I developed for the Commission for Taxi Regulation was launched with the national fare over the weekend. The roll-out onto the vehicles commences from today. It has good coverage in the media: in the broadsheets, on RTE SixOne news and on the new look TR website (my site redesign went live last Friday). I wrote a short article about the project for the BFK site.
The principle graphic design challenge in this project was trying to find the optimal sweet-spot between multiple competing variables: the size of the panels as opposed to the size of legible text, as further influenced by the amount of bilingual content and so forth. It was refreshing to tackle a pure Information Design problem again, without having to worry too much about the overt interleaving of marketing considerations into my work.
Incidentially, I am fascinated to see how consistently (or not) these panels end up being applied onto the Small Public Service Vehicles in question as they are rolled-out over the next three weeks. Watch this space...
Photograph by Martin Crotty
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