Monday, October 02, 2006

Get Stufeed

None of your plain stuffed olives for us in our house. No, only the ever-so classy ‘Stufeed’ variety is good enough for us. Or shouldn’t that be ‘StufĂ©ed’? I am never quite sure...

Whenever I encounter a mistake like this I always wonder about the story behind how it made it all the way through the design, artwork and print production processes and onto our dining room table. A sequence of errors need to occur and N number of people need to be asleep at the wheel for the product name to be misspelled on the label.

I would love to know when (not if) this typo was spotted. I imagine that once the jars are filled with produce it is too late to correct the labelling. The trade-off then becomes one of whether the effect on the overall brand of shipping the product with such a glaring misspelling on the jar will outweigh the financial loss of rewrapping the jars or abandoning the whole run. Obviously spelling lost out in this particular instance.

Postscript: If I was in any way superstitious I would have to worry as this post is just crying out for some form of karmic retribution. So keep your eyes peeled then for some oh-so-ironic glaring blog post typo in the coming weeks.

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