Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Odd Things People Say In Design Briefings

For designers it is always worth remembering that for a significant portion of our clients there is something about the process of purchasing design services which often challenges even the more experienced buyers. While it is our role to facilitate the process, there are still occasions when the comprehension gap is just a little too far to cross.
Whenever someone says something particularly obtuse in a meeting it tends to stick in my head. Similarly when there is stark dissonance between the service being proffered and what they wish to purchase. The following are all taken pretty much verbatim from briefing meetings. (All with people whom I did not end up working with in the end, so no conflict of interest here.)

—“We do not want a colour that will go out of date.”

—“I want a totally unique new name, such that when people hear it, they will think that it sounds like they have heard it before."

—“I definitely do not want any message, I am really looking for a style more than any substance.”

Who knows, depending on the source material, this may evolve into a series of posts. (Feel free to add more examples in the comments. Go on, you know you have some.)