Friday, November 10, 2006

Silver At GDBA Design Awards 2006

They even made the light bulb orange this year.

BFK and UCD took the silver award in the primary corporate identity category at the Irish Design Effectiveness Awards last night. Our rebranding of UCD was recognised for the contribution it has made to the university’s new focus and to achieving its strategic objectives. I got to collect the award with Eilis O’Brien from UCD, and the craic was good in Jurys last night. Although David McWilliams did himself no favours as compère, with a rambling stream-of-conscious unscripted riff drawing some analogy between the design business and a nostalgic reverie about shifting girls at the Wesley disco. After George Hook crashed and burned two years ago, this event is getting a bit of a track record for hosts who start off with “I do not know anything about design, but let me tell you what I think...” and then go rapidly downhill from there. However, despite that it was a good night.

Adding this year’s award to the two silvers we won in the corporate identity category last year, we are now establishing the consistent track record in the category that I set out to achieve. We have five IDEA awards in our boardroom at this stage. Everyone in the company contributed something of value to our work for UCD, so well done all round.

Design Week finishes up tonight with Richard Seymour speaking at the Sugar Club. My abiding image of Mr Seymour is of him designing a motorbike on his Channel 4 programme by (skilfully) attacking a block of styro-foam with a chainsaw! On that basis I expect some attitude and personality overlaid on an informative lecture.

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