Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 The Year In Review: Friend’s Blogs

Being an annual assemblage of sundry content from within my nano-quadrant of the blogosphere.
Partly to redress the navel-gazing aspect of my previous post, and mostly because it would be fun to do. I decided I would share some of my personal highlights from my friend’s collective bloggings and flickrings over the previous twelve months. Seeing as Time magazine has made “You” (yes, they do mean you) their Person Of The Year for 2006 and that we are all now participants of the great Web 2.0 social-networking group-consciousness uber-mind, then it is worth celebrating that in some way at the year’s end. Anyway, who says that link-lists are still the lowest form of blogging?
Benny has two pretty prolific blogs, so I will start with him. I really liked this Tarantino illustration he did for BennyPix. While over on the darker side, at his alter-ego’s site Metal Ruins Lives, he gave us this happy little pastoral scene. Yes, Quite, Indeed. Also, while not strictly much of a website, his moody electronia is available for listening here.
Daragh’s roving camera eye gave us this neat photo of me and Ethan, and I do kinda like this cool little doodle.
Hilary Kenna kick-started Type4Screen this year (she built it in WordPress too: we’re not worthy, we’re so not worthy). I find her posts looking at the characteristics of individual typefaces most interesting. Dave Suttle’s post ‘from the coalface’ was noteworthy as it addressed some of the day-to-day realities of designing for electronic media. Can we have some more of that please? Hilary also flickred this photo which still totally cracks me up every time I look at it. Sumo-tastic. Dave’s photo of Sam covered in dinosaurs also gets an honourable mention for general creepy-crawleyness.
John Maguire writes weekly movie reviews, which a least gives him some sort of schedule which the rest of us lack. Always a great man for turning a phrase, he is at his most enjoyable whenever taking a hatchet to the more crass outputs of the Hollywood machine. His critique of this particular cultural crime being an appropriate example: “I remember there were lots of colours and loud noises.”
Ruth and Eoghan were kept busy with baby Killian for most of this year, but he still made it online too. Photogenic or what?
Declan and Barb were in London, where Dec took this neat photo of Big Ben and this one of a Polish-Mexican restaurant, Yum! (They did lots of other stuff too.)
Claire and Michael went to Korea and Japan this year, their photos only make me want to go back east again. Jealous much? Indeed.
And finally, just to tire you out, there was Luke’s exhausting account of his successful completion of the Devizes to Westminster race last April. I think that I need to lie down after that one.
While I hope I did not miss anyone, no doubt I have. Lets see how many of the rest of my friends make it into my blogroll by this time next year.