Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 The Year In Review: Thoughtport

So is this blog getting any better, or is it just getting longer?* The end of the year is a well-honoured time to take a high-altitude overview of how things have been going. So I have reviewed my blogging activities for 2006.
I succeeded in publishing 54 posts this year, just reaching an average of one per week. So not exactly prolific then. But, in allocating my spare hours, I have been biased towards spending most of that time with my son Ethan: five months old last December and seventeen months old now. Even so, 54 posts is more than a fifty percent increase on 2004’s total of 33 posts. Also this year’s posts were generally more in-depth and took more preparation. That definitely seems the case when I look into my Notions folder at all of the abandoned, half-formed (and half-written) posts that I know will never be rescued at this stage.

Thanks to Blogger’s new design interface this site is looking a lot sharper now as well.

I would have to find the time to reread all 54 posts to find my own favourite post from this year. So, off the top of my head, I can still fondly recall my ADD/OCD cartoon.

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for taking the time to read Thoughtport.

*That is a rhetorical question, with no answers required in the comments. Thanks guys, you know who you are...