Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beyond Parody

What with this being the week before Festivus and all, here in ThoughtPort Halls we are brimful of festive cheer and all about the making of the Yuletide Merry. The holidays are coming and nothing can burst our bubble of mid-Winter excess. Goodwill abounds. And then, a wayward link crosses my path which is just far too important not to share – even at the risk of putting a damper on people’s Holiday celebrations.

There are many strategies for promoting your brand internally: to foster buy-in; to achieve consistency of customer interface, and so forth. Some of these internal brand mechanisms are more successful than others, some fit better with the unique personality of the organisation, and others are more acceptable in different countries and cultures. But, given all that, some things are just plain unforgivable.

Allow me then to present to you – in all of its toe-curlingly cringe-inducing splendour – the Shell Corporate Anthem. (Humbug.)

Happy Holidays Everyone!