Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rogers On Fourth Generation Media

Ever watch TV? Ever buy a DVD box set? Ever get riled when a TV series you really like gets cancelled due to low ratings?

If so, you will probably be interested in TV screenwriter John Rogers’ recent post on Fourth Generation Media. Its a forward-looking analysis of the potential mediascape, given that the current model for producing and distributing TV content is facing imminent disruption. He is writing about the American TV studios and networks, but since US output makes up most of what little television I watch these days, I find his ongoing analysis of the topic relevant. Also, whatever way the new evolved business model eventually pans out over there will ultimately migrate around the rest of the world to a greater or lesser degree. What or who shall be networks in the future? It is an interesting question to pose, and I like the way he works through it. (It is a good long post so have a coffee to hand while you read it.)
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