Thursday, January 18, 2007

Viral Bennymation

Over on KingKongsFinger, Benny has posted a quirky short animation he has created. It is based on that Garda Station prank phone call viral audio that has been doing the rounds recently, and was covered in the media over the weekend. There is an admirable flavour of Flann O’Brien to his piece. (Watch out for the bemused cow near the end.) It will be interesting to see how this animated version fares — it is definitely YouTube-friendly.

Postscript: After getting a lot of coverage, primarily in Bloggorah, but on many other blogs, the server in Galway that hosts Benny's site has more or less been slash-dotted, and the above link will return a 404. There is a lower-resolution version of the short on YouTube. There have been over 9,000 views as of 30 January 2007. Way to go Benjamin!