Thursday, October 16, 2008

My MA Cloud Toolkit

When planning my working methodology for tackling this MA programme, I set out to work in the cloud as much as possible. I did not want to be tied to having to work only on one computer in the office or at home. I wanted to build a framework of tools that would support my needs in such a way that I could always work on whatever aspect of the programme suited me, optimised for the time available, the resources I had to hand and my own energy levels.

With that objective in mind, I have chosen to use the following online services and software:
  • Gmail for all email communication.
  • Google Docs for all writing and document management.
  • Blogger for hosting my Learning Log.
  • Zenbe Lists on my iPod Touch for to-do lists.
  • Notepad on my iPod Touch for first drafts of everything from learning log entries to presentations to essays.
  • Evernote for ubiquitous capture.
  • Twitter for status updates and self-depreciating humorous asides.
  • These next two are infrastructure, but still deserve a place on my list:
  • Amazon for books.
  • iTunes for audio-books.
Discussing this topic with my classmates and reviewing their chosen methodologies it seems that I am taking a comparatively novel approach to all of this. So I do think it is worth taking a snapshot of how I am working at the beginning of the MA programme and then reviewing that workflow at the end. Whether all of my Cloud Toolkit makes it over the finish line with me is worth finding out.