Monday, December 22, 2008

Four And Three-Quarter Theoretical Hours A Day

When do I find time to tackle all of the tasks I am required to complete on this MA programme — in between work hours, parenting, spending time with my family and such? I have worked out this breakdown

7:15-7:45 on the train into town.
8:00-8:45 in the office before official work hours.
12:30–13:30 on my lunch break.
17:45–18:45 on my train home in the evening.
Then finally 21:30–23:00 when the kids have gone to bed.

I get an hour of reading done when I bring Ethan to his gym class on Saturdays.

It is amazing how much free time you find you actually have available to you when you put yourself into the scenario of having to use every single minute. Cutting-out all distractions such as watching television and keeping up with social media is a huge part of achieving time optimisation.

(And now I have two weeks of such ‘every-minute-maximisation’ ahead of me over the Christmas holiday break. Oh the joys!)