Sunday, December 21, 2008

Leadership In ‘Tribes’

Seth Godin’s latest book Tribes is essentially about leadership. Mostly about leadership within the business context, but not exclusively so. Scanning through it again I captured these four quotes which I find inspiring and which also relate to this module’s material.
“The barriers to leadership have fallen. There are tribes everywhere, many in search of leaders. This creates a dilemma for you: without a barrier, why not begin?”
“No one gives you permission or approval or a permit to lead. You can just do it. The only one who can say no is you.”
“Do you have what you need to lead? Do you need more power or education or money? When will you have enough of what you need in order to start leading?”
“What we see, over and over, is that the brave but cheap leadership that leads to passionate movements always (always!) defeats the top-down, mediocre, slow-moving and very expensive techniques we all grew up with. Do the math.”

Those are four very challenging statements and difficult to answer if you are being true to yourself.