Monday, December 08, 2008

We’re On A Mission From God, Ma’am

I did some following-up on customer service and some reading around the Geek-Squad IT support organisation which was discussed in the marketing book Never Mind the Sizzle... Where’s the Sausage’. They definitely appear to put the customer at the centre of everything that they do. Something we are often not too good at in the design sector. At the subconscious level (and often at the conscious level) one of the foundations of the designer’s mindset invariably seems to be that, to some degree, they are doing their design work for themselves.

The Geek-Squad have a customer service bible called ‘The Little Orange Book’, a remarkable guide to great service (produced by the Squad’s ‘Ministry of Propaganda’ no less). It includes this six-point pledge that every one of their geeks is expected to sign.

I will:
1. Never violate the trust of my clients or disrespect their property.
2. Never say, “I don’t know”. Instead, say “I’ll find out.”
3. Always understand that my clients’ time is more valuable than my own.
4. Assume every problem is my fault, unless proven otherwise.
5. Consider my job done only when my client is completely overwhelmed with joy. And instead of assuming they’re happy, I’ll ask them.
6. Keep every promise I make. Including this one.

I think that this is a really powerful example of customer service orientated thinking that must have some broader general applications.