Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday’s Team Workshop

We completed an all-day team workshop to break our Ben & Jerry’s presentation over the weekend. This was probably the most productive session we have had in the MA programme to date. Obviously our team-working skills are advancing with each presentation that we do. I also think that everyone is much more focused after our last effort.

We are approaching our actual presentation on the day in a completely different format. We have ditched the PowerPoint and embraced the ‘School Play’ format. Fundamentally retooling the mechanics in this way frees up our minds — we cannot but break our old habits.

Another key reason why we are being more efficient this time is my decision to bring my laptop to all of our meetings so that we are always working on our actual presentation and making real decisions as we go. In the past we would have long meetings talking around the topics with very reworked notes resulting. Then one person would be left to convert all of that analogue material into the presentation file, often with a looming deadline. This way we are always building.

(The only disappointment today was that none of us managed to score any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for our workshop.)