Monday, February 23, 2009

Drafting My Thesis Proposal

I spent time today assembling my thesis proposal so that I have it in better shape for my meeting with John O’Connor tomorrow.

What is interesting is discovering that something I thought I had a clear idea about is really only a loosely-related cloudy collection of notions. Working through the proposal headings to break my topic down into its logical components and arguments is more interesting and rewarding than I had envisaged. The challenge is to really question all of my assumptions as I go.

Even at this very initial stage what I am finding is that as I think through the questions posed under each heading, I am splintering off sub-questions and sub-issues that all seem worthwhile pursuing. I have read so much about this topic over the last number of years that I have a menagerie of relevant ideas, opinions, commentary and analysis in my head. Different aspects of which keep surfacing as related points and issues are re-encountered in the drafting process.

I had a draft prepared for tomorrows meeting then I read Louise’s feedback on two topics posted by some of the others on WebCourses. That inspired me to go back in and immediately edit out some of the material I had been unsure about. So I think today’s draft is now about 50% focused. If I can get to the core of my proposal with John tomorrow and discard the rest of the extraneous material that will be most productive.