Monday, June 15, 2009

Five Years Blogging

This blog is five years old today. At some point it would be interesting (to me) to look back over the history of this blog and review how its content and direction have evolved over that time. Although this previous year has been somewhat exceptional. For most of the time since last September I have been writing in a closed-access private secondary blog, as I have been concentrating on writing material for my MA programme. I have cross-posted some of that content here so that this blog does not lie fallow for the twelve-month duration of the course.

At present I am working on my MA dissertation, which now has its own dedicated blog as well. That third blog is freely accessible. As most of my time has been spent so far on researching and drafting literature reviews there is not as much content on that blog as I would like. Now as I move into the later stages of my dissertation project and more material is finalised you should see more content populating the pages there.

As part of my research I am collating a list of Irish graphic design blogs which will reside on a dedicated page within that site. I am currently processing and analysing the list, but a subset of the total are already in place there. Any comments and feedback on the content of that site are welcome, everything gets added into my research. If you are aware of any Irish graphic design blogs please let me know so that I can include them as well.

I have now closed my dedicated dissertation blog and republished all of its contents within this Thoughtport blog. I have tagged my primary research posts with ‘Masters_PDP’ and ‘Irish Blog Research’. Secondary sources, videos and other resources gathered during my research process are tagged with Dissertation Assets.