Wednesday, July 01, 2009

About My Dissertation Blog

This is the text from the ‘About’ page on my dissertation blog, explaining its purpose and content.

UPDATE: I have now migrated all of the content from that blog to this Thoughtport blog in March 2010.

As part of my Masters Degree in Professional Design Practice from Dublin Institute of Technology I have conducted research into business blogging in the Irish Graphic Design Sector for a dissertation submitted in Autumn 2009. I have established this site as a central location for those aspects of my research that may be of interest to a broader audience.

Research question
This research seeks to analyse the usage of business blogging by graphic design companies and graphic designers in Ireland and to evaluate that usage against current best practice. The study aims to usefully articulate potential strategies those companies can adopt to participate in business blogging in a more effective manner that will benefit their businesses, and ideally the whole Irish graphic design sector.

The research starts from the hypothesis that business blogging is a beneficial activity for professional services firms and that it can play a significant role in enhancing the professional reputation and authority of Irish graphic design companies and graphic designers.

Aims and objectives
  • To establish a working definition of business blogging and choose which sub-sets of blogging shall be included within the research.
  • To identify the key potential benefits that business blogging can bring to the marketing of Irish graphic design companies and graphic designers.
  • To discover what Irish graphic design blogs currently exist and collect data on their levels of activity.
  • To categorise and analyse this data to identify whether those business blogs are effectively achieving any of the identified benefits.
  • To compare the business blogging activities of the Irish graphic design sector against established international and Irish best practice.
  • To identify effective business blogging strategies for Irish graphic design companies.
Site structure
I have divided this site into three parts,
  • The Journal is where I write all my thoughts and analysis.
  • The Blog Lists page has all of the primary data information that I have gathered on Irish graphic design blogs.
  • In Assets you will find various online video and audio resources that relate to my research topic. For a list of text resources and links you can refer to my Del.ici.ous page in the sidebar.