Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nine IDI Member Graphic Design Companies Blogging in 2009 (Out of 71)

I reviewed the websites of all members of Institute of Designers in Ireland listed under ‘Visual Communications’ on the IDI website (accessed on 03 June 2009) and investigated which have a link to a company blog from their primary company website. IDI membership is individual, so I have aggregated this list by company name. This research does not preclude their being such a company blog, but where one is not visibly linked on the company website, then an inference can be made as to how such a blog is positioned within the company’s mix of corporate communications.

This list does not capture any company design blogs which are not linked from the company’s primary website, or any personal blogs maintained by company directors or employees.

Some companies are members of all three Irish design organisations and therefore appear on the three lists compiled.

The list was processed in the following manner. All IDI members who did not supply a valid URL were first removed from the list. Then all repeated URLs were then removed. Any URLs checked which were not graphic design companies were also removed. The original list was sorted by member's surnames. This list was resorted alphabetically by company name and all duplicates were removed.

Members with business blogs
Of 71 IDI members, these nine member companies (and individual designers) had a link to their corporate blog on their company web sites.
Chuffey Media Link to blog in the About Us section. (However it only has three entries, the last being 07 November 2008.)
Design Inch Link to blog on the home page.
Design Tactics Link to design reference blog on the home page.
Con Kennedy Link to blog on the home page.
Neville Design Group Link to blog on the home page.
Penhouse Design Link to Fresh Air blog on the home page.
The Brand Union An Our Blogs link from the international home page leads to the Dublin Office blog.
Whitenoise Visual Communications Link to blog on the home page.
These Were Fields The News link on the home page leads to the blog.

If you are a relevant ICAD member company with a blog that not on this list, please let me know and I will include you.

Members without business blogs
These sixty-two member companies had no link to a company blog on their web sites.
01 AK Graphics []
02 Atelier []
03 Baseline []
04 Begley Hutton Design []
05 Bite Design [] A blog is listed on the homepage, but the link returns an error.
06 Brandcentral []
07 Boyd Freeman Design []
08 Boyle Design Group []
09 Carton LeVert []
10 Creative Inc []
11 Cronin, Conor []
12 Cronin Designs []
13 Dara Creative []
14 Darling []
15 Dcoy Design []
16 Design Factory []
17 Design HQ []
18 Design In Mind []
19 Design Image []
20 Designworks []
21 Dynamite []
22 Eamon Sinnott and Partners []
23 Fire Design []
24 First Impression []
25 Form []
26 Frank []
27 Fresh Design []
28 GHQ Design []
29 Hamill Bosket []
30 Huguenot []
31 InputOut [
32 Joseph Group []
33 Kilkenny Design Consultancy []
34 Language []
35 Loman Cusack Design []
36 Má []
37 Martin, Geraldine []
38 Mitchell Kane Associates []
39 Mxbrandcom []
40 New Moon Graphics []
41 Neworld Associates []
42 Nolka Design []
43 Origin []
44 Persona Design []
45 Positive Design Consultants []
46 Principle []
47 Propeller Design Consultants []
48 Rain Design Partners []
49 Red Dog []
50 Rodney Miller Associates []
51 Roomthree Design []
52 Sharp Design []
53 Southern Advertising []
54 The Little Red Hen []
55 Threesixty Marketing []
56 Trigger Communications []
57 Totem Visual Communications []
58 Twisel River Studios []
59 Vermillion Design []
60 White or Cream Visual Communications []
61 Yap Brand Consultancy []
62 Zinc []