Saturday, April 11, 2009

It Is Very Simple, although Not Obvious

There are a number of worthwhile statements in Charlie Rose’s interview with Evan Williams, founder of Twitter Inc, from Friday 27 February 2009. These are worth noting in this blog for future reference. Williams is the second of two interviewees in this excerpted highlight version and his segment begins at 04:15. You can watch the complete interview here, but be aware that Williams is not the best verbal communicator.

Speaking from his previous experience as the founder of Blogger, he notes that it took time (culturally) for blogging to become normalised, and now that practice and having a MySpace or Facebook presence are seen as things that normal people do. Twitter is not yet at that point and people still wonder why others would “put themselves out there like that”.

Relevant quotes about Twitter:

“It is very simple, although not obvious.”

“It is something we did not know we needed (until we had it).”

“Living more publicly, more transparently can have powerful and positive effects... new people and new opportunities... an authentic and open way to live your life that people enjoy and makes everyone richer.”