Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ten DBI Member Companies Blogging in 2010 (Out Of 50)

I reviewed all of the graphic design companies listed as members of Design Business Ireland on the DBI website and identified which have a link to a company blog on their primary company website. This does not preclude their being such a blog, but where none is visible on the company website an inference can be made as to how the blog is positioned within the company’s mix of corporate communications.

The DBI now has 50 member companies listed on its website (accessed on 31 March 2010). 44 of which were included in last year’s review. Three companies have left the DBI since 2009: Affinity, BFK and Design Factory. Four companies have joined the DBI since last year: Clickworks, Design Tactics, Janus Design and mxbrandcom.

Ten of the 48 relevant DBI member companies are publishing corporate blogs, an increase of four on last year’s six. Fifteen DBI member companies now have corporate Twitter accounts, an increase of 13 on last year’s two. Three DBI member companies are also now publishing corporate Facebook pages compared to none last year.

The following ten member companies now have a link to their corporate blog on their company web sites. These six were not included in my 2009 DBI research.

Baseline Their Knowledge Centre was established in May of 2009 (their corporate website was surveyed prior to that, in April of last year). It is a collection of business and marketing tips.
Creative Inc are now publishing the Creative Inc Blog.
Design Tactics are now publishing the Creativity With Purpose blog.
DrawingInc are now publishing the D’blog.
Frank are now publishing the Moving Ideas blog.
Neworld are now publishing the Ireland Inc blog.
Details about these six blogs will be found in the Irish Graphic Design Company Blogs page linked from the masthead above.

The following four member companies were included in my 2009 research.
Penhouse Their Fresh Air Blog links from their home page, with comments and an RSS feed, but no social networking features.
The Brand Union An ‘Our Blogs’ link from the international home page leads to the Dublin office blog, with comments and an RSS feed, but no social networking features.
Rain Communications Their blog links from their home page, with comments, social networking features and an RSS feed.
20-20 Vision The news section of their website is in a blog format.
(Regarding the two other blogs included in my 2009 findings, Creative Media have abandoned their blog and BFK are no longer DBI members.)

These 40 member companies had no link to a corporate blog on their company web sites.

01 AKGraphics []
02 Big Fish Design []
03 Blink Design []
04 Catalysto []
05 Clickworks []
06 Creative Media [] Note: their 2009 blog is now inactive.
07 Dara Creative []
08 Dcoy Design []
09 Design Associates []
10 Designbank [ ]
11 Designers Ink []
12 DesignInMind []
13 Designworks []
14 Drawinginc []
15 Eamon Sinnott and Partners []
16 Form []
17 Fuse Graphic Design []
18 GSDC []
19 HamillBosket []
20 Huguenot []
21 IDEA []
22 Janus Design []
23 Konnect Media []
24 Martello Media []
25 Mesh Design Consultants []
26 mxbrandcom []
27 Pica Design []
28 Positive Design Consultants []
29 Principle []
30 Profiles Design and Marketing []
31 Proviz Design and Visualisation []
32 Rain Design Partners []
33 Raven Design []
34 Red Dog []
35 Roomthree Design []
36 Source Design Consultants []
37 Totem Visual Communications []
38 Zebedee Marketing and Design []

Two remaining DBI member companies are product/furniture design companies and would have fallen outside of the scope of my original research which concerned graphic design companies only.
39 Dolmen []
Shane Holland Design []

This list does not capture any company design blogs which are not linked from the company’s primary website, or any personal blogs maintained by company directors or employees.