Friday, March 16, 2012

Offset 2012 Tweets

I had an intention to tweet a 140 character summary for each of the speakers I saw at the Offset 2012 design conference. I made it through the first day and a half. Things got a bit spotty after that. Given that I am only intending to write a blog post about Michael Bierut’s Offset talk, this is a fun way to record some of my other impressions of this event.

Hort: The Anonymous of interpretive dance?

Hort: Graphic design meets Prog Rock.

Von: Full-length Radiohead video…

Conor & David: Logo cake with 2,040 Smarties on top.

Eric Kessels: There is an awful lot involved in photographing a cow…

Pivot Dublin: “So just who is the Pierce Brosnan of Irish design?”

Scher & Bierut: The most entertaining double-act on any Offset panel in the three years to date.

Pentagram: Reluctant to bring in a strategy partner. Worried all the other partners will end up working for them...

Paula Scher: “Designers are more right-brain than illustrators”.

Paula Scher: “If you can be the Thinker, the Decider and the Maker, then you will always be employable.” (This tweet was seriously retweeted.)

Stefan Sagmeister interview: “Are you the Oprah Winfrey of design?”

Andrew Essex: “Today your industry can change under your feet; so always be ready to reinvent yourself.”

Jessica Hische: “Procrastiworking is awesome!”

Jessica Hische Definitions: Lettering is drawing. Calligraphy is writing.”

Jessica Hische Definitions: “A font is the software and a typeface is the content of the software.”

Jessica Hische: “Make the things that you wish existed.”