Friday, March 02, 2012 2.0

My six year-old lost his first tooth this week. While putting it under his pillow we had a conversation about “how does the Tooth Fairy actually find all of the children who have lost a tooth every night?” 

As usual, he was more than happy to answer his own question for me. While he didn’t use the exact phrase “there’s an app for that”, he did describe a pretty elaborate worldwide technological infrastructure: with red lights blinking on a huge world map at Tooth Fairy Global HQ, and individual Tooth Fairies getting fine-grained, street-level directions from some kind of ‘ToothFindr’ app on their iPhones. I am always impressed with the creativity of the six year-old mind, (and also his innate millennial’s understanding of the iPhone app ecosystem).

One broad theme that our conversation revealed was a whole under-exploited vertical of useful software products aimed at addressing the un-met needs of mythical characters and helping them to become more efficient in the 21st century. Perhaps the two of us could get VC funding this suite of app products that we came up with?

Naughty Or Nice? — Easily classify, manage and edit huge lists of billions of people. All of your data is securely encrypted and backed up into the SantaCloudTM. Launching in December.

StarCrossed — Move beyond clumsy physical Cupid’s arrows, and avoid potential liability from accidents and misfires. Now, using your iPhone’s camera and recognition software, you can virtually tag lonely singletons to introduce romance into their lives. Launching in February.

Rainbow’s End — Maximise your ability to locate pots of gold efficiently and effectively using a combination of GPS, weather information, and crowd-sourced data. Launching on 17 March.

Bunny-Plus — Quickly generate multiple, alternative, randomised schematic plans for Easter Egg placement in gardens of any size. Select your preferred amount of eggs and the simply shake your iPhone to generate new sets of egg coordinates.

What other mythical/festive characters do you think could benefit from having their own app?