Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Six Lessons of Johnny Bunko

Daniel Pink, author of ‘A Whole New Mind’ has written a new best-selling book called ‘The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The last career guide you’ll ever need.’ It is a funky little book, presented in Manga comic format and obviously aimed at Generation Y (or whatever letter we are at these days). It looks like a short read, but the lessons proposed in it are summarised on the related website, which make for an even shorter read. This is a good list, even if you are not starting out on in your career.

The six (+1) lessons of satisfying, productive careers:
1 There is no plan [The economy changes too fast for your career to have a plan.]
2 Think strengths, not weaknesses [Find your advantages]
3 It’s not about you [Serving others serves you best]
4 Persistence trumps talent [Keep showing up]
5 Make excellent mistakes [Take risks, but fail forward]
6 Leave an imprint [Do something that matters]
7 Stay hungry

The seventh lesson is in italics because it is currently being voted on in an online poll. I have chosen that one from the three options available, as it strikes me as the best. I also like the way they he is working the user-generated content angle. I found some elegant additional commentary on Pink’s list from Kevin Kelly which I have appended above in parenthesis. Those seven points seem particularly useful while I am thinking through what I am learning on the Masters programme.

If you are interested in these seven lessons you may also find something useful in my post about the learnings gained in achieving my Masters degree.

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